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LoVVVe Alchemy

 Letting our Values, Visions and Victories Elevate our VOICE!

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Cancer Corner Connection

You are not alone. 


We have been there. 


We can be your strength, courage and endurance until you find center. 

Asking for and receiving help is your greatest strength. Let us be there with you.

Transformational Experiences

Retreats are a multi-day transformational experiences that are uniquely curated with programs, activities and guest Speakers & Guides


Sacred Spaces
ROF 2023
Barefeet on Sand
Roots of Fire 
OCT 12-15 2023

Demystifying the Feminine Body

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No matter where we are in our lives our feminine body can be mystifying.  If you are feeling embarrassed, frustrated by or just disconnected from your ever changing female body - don't worry you are not alone. The Roots of Fire Retreat is an extraordinary weekend with your new bffs; talking openly in an intimate gathering of women: 18 guests and 4 facilitators.
At a beachside paradise we will journey through community conversations and activities; coming into a deeper understanding of our bodies through movement, meditation and transformations.
Join us in this nothing is taboo experience.

Roots of Fire 

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Get Ready to Ignite your Passion Flame

Motivational videos to inspire purpose, passion and your authentic self development

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Voice is our Power

Come join Kristin Sparks as she shares her own vulnerabilities and authentic self as well as bring you other thought provoking leaders from all different walks of life. 


Words to Inspire and Inform

Tips and tricks, trials and tribulations. Writings to inspire your every day needs. 


"I just wanted... you to know, how much gratitude I have for you right now….  Today I did my first half day workshop….. wow…. I can’t believe I did it.  When I said yes to your offer earlier this year, it is because I really wanted to do it…. I had no idea how much my body would stop me….. and today I have done it. It was with 4 people that were unknown to me and I used a lot of JC’s scripts and I DID it.  For 3:45min I was in charge of that room and growing into the leader I am becoming.  So again thank you for the opportunity to set this all in motion …. I am so glad I said yes to you ….."Michelle

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