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All About the Show

The WRAR with Sparks Show with Kristin Sparks: is focused on spreading Love, Joy & Grace throughout the world. For that purpose she will share personal and professional stories, talk with expert guests from many facets of life that will inspire you, the audience to discover these aspects within yourself.  Kristin’s passion is to help those who feel invisible and unheard find their voice.  On The WRAR with Sparks Show you matter, join us in making this world a more loving, joyous and graceful place to be.

Bold Brave TV

Today I was blessed with a morning of quiet to reflect and to focus on self care.  


My self care was to watch the recording of WRAR with Kristin Sparks on Bold Brave TV.  


Congratulations @Kristin Sparks !!!    And THANK YOU!! for the messages and reminders!!!


Self care - touch - my source (God) is the voice that has been telling me throughout my life that everything will be ok. Self Love!  Self Love!  Self Love!  


Great show!  Congratulations!  Diana Wildes Miville

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