Kristin Sparks

Kristin Sparks

I DO ME Host, CEO & Founder WRAR, Inc

Lynn Burgess

Lynn Burgess

Studio Owner of Yoga from the Heart

Trisha Jacobson

Trisha Jacobson

Author, Teacher

Shawn Roch

Shawn Roch

Speaker, Teacher

Nancy Kobel

Nancy Kobel

Speaker, Teacher

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This Year's Keynote Speaker

Marci Shimoff

#1 NY Times Best-Selling, Female Face of the women's transformational phenomena "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

Your Experiential Guides 

Kristin Sparks

Kristin Sparks Author, Speaker As the Founder and CEO of WRAR Inc. and host of the I DO ME Experience, Kristin's mission is to change the conversation from blame, shame and guilt to Love, Joy and Grace

Trisha Jacobson

Trisha Jacobson Author, Speaker Trisha relies on her insight, creativity and resourcefulness to support and inspire others to connect with their passion, find their magic and ​create the life of their dreams.

Jocelyn King

Jocelyn King Author, Speaker As an impact life coach, Jocelyn is a mover, shaker and glass-ceiling breaker who helps busy women and men quickly identify their purpose and passions and make rewarding changes in their personal and professional lives.

Shawna Roch

Shawna Roch Teacher, Speaker Shawna has mastered the art of helping others get out of their own way. Her passion, confidence and dedication to empowering women to find their path is unparralleled.

Nancy Kobel

Nancy Kobel Teacher, Speaker Nancy is committed to developing more conscious leaders and inclusive cultures. As a visionary thinker, combined with her calm, grounding presence and her own unique leadership style she is able to quickly create trust and influence more courageous cultures

Lynn Burgess

Lynn Burgess Studio Owner, Yoga from the Heart Lynn's energetic, light-spirited approach is one reason she is in high demand not only as a studio teacher, but a guest instructor, corporate presenter and national workshop leader.

What's Included

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Luxury Standard Accomodations

Breakfast & Lunch

  • Catered by the Ritz Carlton

Tote Bag


  • Filled with local flare

  • * Shipping options available for items provided in totes.

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  • Local transportation provided, including Sarasota airport pickup and drop off

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Spa Card

  • Ritz Carlton

  • Certificate provided at check-in. $250 Value Plus full access to Spa Amenities

Easter Food

Dinners Included

  • 1 Welcome Party

  • 3 Catered by the Ritz Carlton

  • 3 Local Cuisine Explorations

Girl Relaxing

Programs & Activities to Elevate your Life

  • 9 World Class Guides

Free Time to Explore Sarasota

  • Dine, Shop, or Relax at the Beach

Sound Journey

Mindful Movements & Mediation

  • Every day, by the water!

  • Share this special event with a significant other. From now until Sept. 30th, 2022 we are offering you a chance to bring a friend for free! 

A Network of New Friends

  • Your Love Community!

8-Days of Unforgettable Experiences and Reflection
with World-Class Guides

We believe that everyone has the right to live a joyful, abundant and fulfilling life and it is our mission to help you create that life for yourself. At WRAR, Inc. we strive to provide a space where all voices matter, that life is worth living, that Love is all, that Joy can be found in the worst of circumstances and Grace is the embodiment of faith and gratitude.

Day 1

You made the right choice by being here with us, at the I DO ME Retreat. Now relax and enjoy the fun!

Life is Precious 
Fri      Dec 2nd

Day 2

Re-discover your authentic self & find your values.

Who AM I?
Sat     Dec 3rd

Day 3

Start from where you are and move forward.

Where AM I?
Sun    Dec 4th

Day 4

What do you really want?

Truth or Dare
Mon   Dec 5th

Day 5

Happiness, in yourself and others, is crucial for success. 

Keynote & Creative Happiness
Tues   Dec 6th

Day 6

Explore your innate nature. 

Adulting is Overrated
Wed  Dec 7th

Day 7

Apply what you learned and keep moving forward.

Plans & Practice
Thurs  Dec 8th

Day 8

You were made for a purpose. Your LOVE Community is here to help

Finding Your Place & Sisterhood
Fri      Dec 9th

Questions about this Event?

The COVID Pandemic caused a major change to our lives and placed a lot of stress on our minds, bodies and souls.  It's time to rejuvenate them. 


Now more than ever, we need to give back to ourselves. 


We have been threw some extremely difficult times and the future doesn't look better. But that does not mean that you cannot live the life of your dreams.


Let us help you discover the tools to live a life you want. 

Our programs & activities were designed to elevate your life.


Nine world class guides for an 8-day unforgettable experience, including our featured keynote speaker: Marci Shimoff. As a celebrated motivational expert and transformational leader that focuses on peak performance and self-esteem, Ms. Shimoff will share her transformative insights with attendees of the I DO ME Retreat.

The retreat will present a creatively-crafted, purpose-inspired, 8-day agenda that will transform attendees from blame, shame, and guilt to love, joy and grace.


It will bestow mechanisms for overcoming adversities in life and for opening individual minds to universal possibilities; while focusing on gratitude and forgiveness, releasing of trauma, and nourishment of bodies, minds, and souls.


This event offers attendees nutritious foods, meditation and mindful movement sessions as well as a sound journey.


There will be free time with the choice of using the Ritz Carlton beach, pool, spa or, participating in other fun extras. This will be an alcohol-free event

As Featured in Forbes, Kristin Sparks, the host of the I DO ME Retreat speaks of our times

"More than ever, it is important for us to focus on reconnecting with passion and purpose in our lives. We want to build safe spaces to remind women that a fulfilling life will lead them to be better leaders, family members, and community representatives. The pandemic showed us that circumstances can change in an instant. Living purposeful lives and elevating careers is crucial to mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.”


As a life career guide..

Kristin has focused her work on empowering women who feel alone, empty, directionless, and devoid of passion. “Even some of the most successful career women or business owners out there are not passionate about their lives and what they do. It is so important to reconnect with the things that bring us joy in life. Having Marci Shimoff join this event as a keynote is a testament to the work we will be doing – helping women reconnect with joy and purpose. As women, we are often so busy doing things for others that we forget that self-care does not make us selfish. This 8-day experience is specifically aimed at breaking destructive cycles that do not feed our minds, bodies, and souls. It relies on actionable and relevant advice to help women on the journey to self-discovery through daily sessions with experienced guides, and by connecting with like-minded women to access the power of infinite possibilities and joy, in a luxurious, beautiful, and tranquil environment.” says Kristin.

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Ritz Carlton Sarasota, FL.
Dec 2-9th, 2022

Release Doubt and
Find the best
A Bold, New Experience you don't want to miss.



Single  Occupancy 

You are making a life-changing choice! This event will be like no-other, as we are not escaping the world but re-emerging as our authentic self. 

Sharing a Hotel Room


Double  Occupancy

Share this special event with a significant other. From now until Sept. 30th, 2022 we are offering you a chance to bring a friend for free! Click the link below to sign-up!