Kristin Sparks
CEO & Founder WRAR INC
  • Doubts yourself

  • Feels voiceless, unheard & undeserving

  • Underestimates your value & abilities

  • Has lost your sense of wonder & creativity

  • Is looking for your passion & purpose

  • Wants more self-love and self-care

Are You Someone Who..

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“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible”
Audrey Hepburn

Release Doubt...


At WRAR Inc., we believe the impossible is possible. We believe you can overcome adversity, release doubt, and learn to frame the life of your dreams. We believe that you can find your personal magic and live in Love, Joy, Grace.

We believe that you can be the hero of your own story, and that we can guide you through it.

The story of a hero is often understood to be that of a champion saving everyone. Perhaps then leading us to believe that we need someone in our own lives to make things happen, to fix things and to make our lives better.

We at WRAR INC believe that the true hero of your story…is YOU!

Why? Because only you can save you. You must want to change, to allow change to happen. However, you do not have to do it alone!

My name is Kristin Sparks and I am the embodiment of impossibilities and the mentor who will guide you to be the HERO of YOUR Story.

My tale is one of strength, courage and endurance. I am a survivor of cancer and of a broken body, mind and soul. I have overcome my blame, shame and guilt and turned it into LOVE, JOY and GRACE. It is my story that motivates my passion to bring people together in joyous community.

When I was little, my Granny would weave together stories of great adventure starring me as always the hero and never the damsel in distress. Her narrative always painted me as the brave, wielder of the sword on some grand quest, scaling mountains, slaying dragons and dancing on the winds of life.

As I got older, I lost that magic. I lost my faith and direction. I forgot what it was like 

to feel empowered and brave.

Over the years, I have faced many challenges. The embers of my Granny's stories sparked in me when I realized how many of us experience moments of doubt and loneliness in our lives.

But, I knew that positive thoughts, actions, and words have power. I realized that my purpose and passion was to bring more Love, Joy and Grace to lives.

As the Founder and CEO of WRAR Inc., I guide you on how to remove doubt, live in abundance, rediscover the sparkle of a life full of magic, wonder and infinite possibilities.

I found my courage and resilience when I chose to reconnect with the hero in my own story, and I can

help you become the heroes in yours.

My company, WRAR, Inc (pronounced ‘ROAR’), was conceived during my healing process from the esophageal cancer.  My cancer made me realize that I needed to use my voice to lift those that are fighting to be seen and heard. I personally want you to know, that I have been through the struggles, and I am here for you! Let us stand together in ‘Voice is our power!’

WRAR Inc ‘Voice is our Power’ a communications and connections company that empowers women, individuals, entrepreneurs and executives through out-of-the-box experiences including webinars, seminars and retreats.

Come and check out our LOVVVE, JOY & GRACE Communities and their experiences and see how we can help move your life forward. Plus, additional resources such as WRAR with Sparks Podcast, our monthly blog and bi-weekly Love Letter newsletter. Sign up to receive notifications about experiences, our podcast episodes and for our newsletter here. 

Now is the time to take ownership of your life. Let’s live life of and for you!



Love, Joy and Grace

-Kristin Sparks


If you want something done right, you go to the expert — and Kristin Sparks is
the guru when it comes to cultivating joy. Direct, authentic, and connected to her inner light, Kristin has a talent for helping people see the opportunity in the adversity. Her words are thoughtful and clear, and she has an uncanny knack for speaking directly to the soul of each and every person she meets. If what you want is to be joyful — and unstoppable — book right now.


Allaya Cooks-Campbell

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I have witnessed Kristin living out her joy just as she shares in her story. I saw her life change in an instant. A freak accident changed her life from always being on the go, to being a "no-go". You could tell it pained her to no longer be able to engage in the work and activities she had enjoyed prior to her accident. Yet, despite the pain she always had a smile, a joke and plenty of laughs to share. Kristin is a constant reminder that Joy isn't perfect or easy, and at the same time it is an intentional choice that is always possible...and closer than you think." 


Mike Clouse | Coach Clouse, LLC

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"Kristin is a powerful, dynamic business leader, success coach, podcaster and speaker. She excels as connecting people with their passions and with other like-minded people through her conferences and gatherings."


Jocelyn King | Jocelyn King Life Safety Expert, Speaker, Author 

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"Life is a work in progress... not a competition nor a roadmap of performance... nor a shot for perfection.. but rather a journey of curiosity, wonder and discovery" -Kristin Sparks

Our Offerings... Are Designed Around Love, Joy & Grace

We will take you on a journey... a journey of and within the self.

Constantly busy with work, errands and social obligations, has resulted in many of us forgetting to give time to ourselves. When not so long ago, we had an abundance of time. And with that we were carefree, innocent, curious and had so much to explore. 

As children, we laughed and played. Our innocence allowed us to explore and experiment without consequence, taking part in activities purely for enjoyment. We were open to opportunity, constantly learning something new by interacting with our environment; an unbridled sense of enthusiasm. 

Let's re-discover our best self.

Our best self, embodies the child attributes such as playfulness, curiosity, and love and that of who we were meant to be. Our Offerings are designed around this idea. Through exploration and joy, we can find peace and fulfillment. The best thing about connecting with our best self is that it can help propel us towards success in our career and relationships alike.

This can seem like a challenge.... but is doesn't have to be. We are here to help guide you!

Re-discovering your best self may seem like a daunting challenge but, it does not have to be. You will be guided through the journey of love, joy and grace. You will be in a strong and supportive community. And Our Offerings, are designed with only the best intentions and under the beliefs that anything is possible. 

The time is NOW

Young or old, near or far. Wherever you are in your journey, let's make this moment and those to follow count. Click the link below to find out more. 


Accent on JOY


Get Ready to Ignite your Passion Flame

Motivational videos to inspire purpose, passion and your authentic self development

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Voice is our Power

Come join Kristin Sparks as she shares her own vulnerabilities and authentic self as well as bring you other thought provoking leaders from all different walks of life. 


Words to Inspire and Inform

Tips and tricks, trials and tribulations. Writings to inspire your every day needs. 

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